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Gap Year Thread 2016/17

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    (Original post by LamantChenille)
    Hi everyone!
    I'm currently on my gap year-spending a year in Paris living with a French family and working as an au pair! So far it's pretty good. Though it is quite strange to see so many people from school starting university, and knowing that when I start next year I'll be a year behind them!
    One of my friends is an au pair out in Italy for the year and is loving it!

    Loads of people take gap years and so it will not be uncommon to be starting a year behind. I wouldn't even think of it as being a year behind providing you do something productive with your year!

    (Original post by Jedwards)
    Hi guys,

    I'm (unfortunately) on a forced gap year due to missing my results on results day, and then meeting them through a remark when it was too late to still be accepted, so have to take a year off to reapply.

    I'm living in London and am planning on studying Law

    I've applied for volunteering with the citizen's advice bureau and am looking for work experience with Law firms. Does anyone have any ideas/tips/suggestions for how else I can fill up my year given that this is very last minute?
    That must have been incredibly annoying, did they not offer you a place for 2017? Show that you are doing something with your year out rather than just sitting at home doing nothing!

    (Original post by _JOKER_)
    Anyone know of any science/engineering opportunities?
    I would suggest looking for work experience. You could also contact Headstart. I am not sure if they do anything for gap years but I went on one of their courses in the summer between year 12 and year 13 and it was really good for engineering.

    Hi Guys!!!

    I'm on a gap year too! I applied for Veterinary Medicine last year and got two offers from London's RVC (firm) and Liverpool. I missed my grades of AAA so I'm reapplying to do a prelim year and then the normal 5yr course!

    Was wondering if people had any idea's of good (and definitely affordable) travel destinations? I've never been abroad before so I'm thinking now is the time to do it! I'm currently working to get some funds together. I'm from Cornwall

    I saw someone mentioning about getting fit? I've recently joined a running club and I'm planning to do a marathon next summer!!!

    Would be good to hear from people!

    (Original post by BryonyG98)
    Good idea (: I hope it goes well, and let us know!
    Sorry for the late reply! Well i am sorting work experience out rn so ill get back to you in a few days!!

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    I'm on a gap year, the only one of my friends who even considered it and so far I've aupaired in Spain, had a month work experience in Surrey and completed my UCAS application to study economics and geography. I'm currently going through the stressful situation of actually finding a temp job until Christmas to help fund my travels my volunteering placement and travels around Africa.
    So far I feel my Gap Year experience has been a good one but as I'm living away from home and in the working world I have no contact with people of my own age, it can get a bit lonely. Any tips for getting a temp job? Any cheap weekend ideas to meet up with people like us around London? I'm sporty, chatty and love trying out new things!
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Updated: October 23, 2016
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