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'too busy' to help a friend

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    This thread is about people who don't take the time to be your friend and thus lower the quality of the friendship (or so-called): they don't reply to your text messages and they don't do the small favors you ask them.

    When I'm busy - be it work, study or play - I always, always take the time to reply to people because it takes about 30 seconds to do so and I care about them. I'm not inconsiderate and impolite to carelessly let people out in the cold.People who don't care enough to reply straight away, stay away from me.

    I have been in the very-busy-person seat (doing my software development internship at a corporation) and even then I still took the time to reply.It is nearly impossible to be too busy to reply. The truth is that those who don't reply just don't care enough. Remember the lessons from philosophy: there exists no forced option, there only exists choice, be it advantageous or non-advantageous. There is no 'I had no choice' or 'I couldn't', there is only 'I chose not to care enough, I chose not to put aside the thing I was doing'.

    This is not just about replying but also about important things such as helping your friend out. You ask an important favor of your friend and that friend later comes with a whole host of excuses, from "I was painting the house" to "my brother got home". If you have a whole weekend to do a small, (30 minute) favor for someone, it's impossible for you to not fit it there, unless you are the world's busiest celebrity. Truth is truth, my friends. I always do every favor for my friends and without delay!

    Yes, and yes, this behavior does have consequences! The most embarrassing moment I had was when I invited 7 of my friends to my birthday and they 100%, connnfirmed, they said they would be there, only for me to cancel all 7 restaurant booked seats on my birthday itself because they canceled on me.

    People didn't act this cold 30 years ago and my 70-year old martial arts teacher can agree with me on that.

    Vikar said it right:

    Annoying people who don't reply

    Types of friends

    And that is that.
    I hope there are kind and honest people out there who can relate to this.
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Updated: September 5, 2016
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