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How did you cope with Year 11

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    i just went with the flow but MAKE SURE YOU REVISE EARLY (do little bits of revision often!!!)

    I am going into year 11 too

    I procrastinate a lot so this year might be hard for me

    (Original post by upbeat4)
    I'm going into Year 11 and I'm kind of scared. What should I expect and how can I survive?
    all about memory for GCSE, don't need real intelligence .... so basically revise ur notes from February half term and onwards, keep going over and over them.

    don't be scared. gcses are easy and mean nothing. I have finished school and just had a gap year.

    I didn't work all across year 11 and then left revision till about 3 weeks before and during the exam time (which was a lot more than some people) and came out with 11A*'s. At the time I thought my life was falling apart and that I had failed every single one but no. Don't stress. They don't actually mean that much; applying to uni, my gcses had barely any impact on my application anyway. Your AS's and A2's are when sh*t gets serious.

    Don't worry; if I were you, I'd enjoy GCSE as much as you can and work at a steady pace. Your second year of A level is where things start to get "fun", so look forward to that!

    Yr 11 was probably the best year of high school (considering that all of it was bad). Revise the subjects that you have the most difficultly with. I don't want to say that it'll be easy because some people find it hard and some don't. More importantly, find out what you want to do after yr 11. I got good grades, but thinking about my future is where I fell, so I ended up at a crummy college doing a course I didn't enjoy. Don't just go where your friends go, look for sixth forms/colleges that do what you want to do!

    It was my friends that made yr 11 bearable, even though I'm not in contact with most of them now. Keep them close even if you're not over the moon about them - just avoid as much conflict as possible!

    I didn't go to prom, so unless you're a social butterfly, I don't think it's all too worth it (my friends and brothers say it's alright at best haha)

    Good luck!
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Updated: September 7, 2016
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