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Maintenance Loan not enough!

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    Currently about to start second year. This year my student finance has been cut pretty damn drastically. During first year, I had 4k maintenance loan and 2.5k Maintenance grant. This was enough to fund my first year at uni including rent, food etc..

    But for some reason this second year, they've cut my student finance down by quite a lot. Now I'm only given 3.8k maintenance loan which is not enough to even pay the rent. I thought the government was suppose to give you more maintenance loan in order to reduce the effects of scrapping maintenance grant?
    What the **** is this ****? I'm not even rich, parents are working class and their finances hasn't changed drastically. Is this suppose to be normal? maintenance loan slowly decreasing slowly from first year all the way till third year?

    I'm mainly feeling the effects as I no longer have the maintenance grant, but I thought the government was suppose to give me more maintenance loan to make up for it? anyone else experienced the same thing or is this just me?

    I would ring them as you should still be entitled to maintenance grant. The new changes to grants only affects new students starting this year. Not continuing students. So you will still be entitled to the grant this year & next. Ive been awarded the grant again this year & im in my second year also x

    I'm heading into year 13 and have looked up all this Student finance stuff as its pretty worrying, especially as we do not get grants.
    Only one solution for me - Work long hours on top of university. Not ideal but you gotta do what you gotta do.
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    Thanks, I've sorted it out by giving them a call. Turns out it was a mix up as my parents submitted their information quite late, nearly died from a heart attack from seeing that cut in finance.

    Thanks guys
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Updated: September 5, 2016
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