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Whenever he touches me I can't feel a thing...

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    I am very shy and reserved. I'm not really experienced in terms of dating and relationships. I have never really been comfortable with a guy before my boyfriend came along. I don't know what it is but i feel like myself around him and i know that any little thing I don't like about my body he loves. I have known him for years and we have built a good friendship. The transition from friends to bf/gf wasn't at all awkward.

    When we kiss it is always so passionate and intense. We tend to kiss for quite a while and tonight he ended up putting his hands under my top. I let him grope my breasts and he went as far as taking off my bra and top. He carried me to the sofa and continued to grope whilst we had a lengthy make out session. I honestly couldn't really feel much going on and I let him know this. He even sucked on my breasts, used more pressure and it didn't do much for me tbh. This is the same for neck kissing, I feel nothing. Its only when we make out I'm turned on.

    During the make out session he said he wanted to go down on me and I refused since i wasn't fully prepared down there. When we spoke afterwards he mentioned me always looking in another direction when we're face to face and i probably couldn't feel much because i wasn't fully comfortable. I know i was some what comfortable of I wouldn't have let anything happen.

    What can i do to relax more if this is the case? Or any tips to help me feel sensations?

    Hi hun, I am sure many girls will be able to identify with you. Everything is there already- meaning you are both clearly in love with each other and are very passionate. You are putting a little too much pressure on yourself to feel a certain way or to respond in a certain way to something he does. Let it take its natural course and experiment. I completely empathise with you being shy and reserved! Try to get to know yourself better before you let someone else "down there" because it is difficult to give direction and suggestions to your boyfriend, without not really knowing yourself This will allow you to be even more comfortable with yourself and therefore lead to this sexual confidence, to be able to guide your boyfriend. "Knowing yourself" will also help with the feeling of "sensations" . Another thing that will help is getting him to try different techniques, because maybe you have not given it enough time to explore all the possibilities- and there are many! Please try not to worry hun, hope this helps you!

    Putting the previous post a bit more bluntly, do you masturbate?

    When you're turned on through the kissing, what do you want to do?

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    This is the same for neck kissing, I feel nothing
    That's very unusual in a female, NGL

    What can i do to relax more if this is the case? Or any tips to help me feel sensations?
    Just keep doing what you're doing, progress at a pace that feels right, with a guy you are comfortable with and trust. It may be that you're just not wired that way :dontknow:

    What are you expecting to feel, exactly?

    Maybe you're lesbian
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Updated: September 5, 2016
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