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If you applied for student finance late, can you start your course?

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016
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    I've applied for a HND Top Up in Electrical Engineering at basingstoke college, not completely sure on the fees, from the website it says £2200 a year, already completed my HNC in EE, now need the HND so I can go onto the last year.

    I haven't heard back from student finance england, not even sure if they got the correct course registered, from what I remember (maybe this was the UCAS application) there wasn't the option, but the college says it does exist, the college is asking for proof of finance, will it matter if it comes late? I have put in my application. And also, SFE said on the phone that the course is based on attendance, if you attend you pay, but i'm not sure if the year will work out seeing as i'm travelling quite far, it should, I just have a funny feeling about it though, as it's an intense course. If I attend and the fees aren't paid, could I drop out and cancel the loan before it going to college, or would they ensure the college got the money? Is there a better way I can do this? I would prefer to pay for like 1 month first, just to ensure I can do the course.

    The last 2 years i've been training as a web developer at home, so if I get offered the job I will probably just take it and would probably have to ditch the course, I am basically ready for the web dev job, but still unsure if I will get it, but I want to carry on learning as I don't want to be stuck at home anymore, I want to get out and do something.

    I just don't want to attend the course, then drop out, then having to pay the fees for nothing, it would be a huge waste getting on the course and not completing it.



    I've been looking at alternative options so it works out cheaper, but there's not really anything, it says on that lcuck website that they'd cut the course costs for those who were in care, on a very low income or jobless, calling them up they said there's nothing like that, don't think they understood what I was saying. I found this on the lcuck website. Social services said they'd fund the travel for me so it's alright getting there.

    2.5.1. Student Hardship Bursary Awards

    The Student Hardship Bursary Awards are dedicated to support UK/EU (‘home’)
    undergraduate self-sponsored students who have lost their main source of income due to serious illness, loss of employment or death of their sponsors. Such UK students 11 should also have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. In 2012, if you are a UK (‘home’) undergraduate student who has lost your annual household income due to the reasons stated above and you are liable to pay your own tuition fees, you will be entitled to the Student Hardship Bursary Award which is worth £1,500.00 per year.

    The Family Crisis Scholarship Scheme funds support UK ('home' undergraduate
    students within specific household income brackets and, as in the case of the Student
    Achievement Scholarship Award, those UK students who have also demonstrated
    outstanding academic achievement. In 2012, if you are a UK ('home' undergraduate
    student from a household whose annual income is less than or equal to £25,000.00 and you are liable to pay tuition fees, you will be entitled to this UCK bursary worth
    £1,000.00 per year. In 2012, if you are a UK ('home' undergraduate student whose household income is less than or equal to £20,000.00 and you have attained A-level grades AAB (or equivalent grades in other qualifications), you will be entitled to the Student Achievement Scholarship worth £2,000.00 per year (subject to satisfactory academic progress).

    You need to inform the college that you've applied late.
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Updated: September 6, 2016
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