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You + an AK47 vs 10,000 Roman soldiers

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    It's the a fight to the death, do you think you would win in this scenario?


    Final points:

    -Their army is 10,000 strong and consists mainly of elite infantry, but they have some archers and medium cavalry thrown in

    -They are lead by one of the finest Roman generals who ever lived

    -Every soldier has personally sworn loyalty to Caesar and is ready to give his life for Rome. They will not retreat.

    -You get an AK47 and a Toyota Hilux 4x4 with one tank of fuel, you can call in for ammo drops at any point but once you run out of gas, you can't refill the car

    -The fight occurs in a huge field surrounded by forest, the terrain is highly variable and likely to be uneven

    -If they take you alive you will be paraded around Rome in a cage before being purged and crucified

    -If you win, Cleopatra will suck your dick

    (Original post by al-ShagDaddy)
    -If you win, Cleopatra will suck your dick
    Yeah Id win in this scenario....

    you would never reload fast enough and gun barrel would be melted before you fired 10,000 rounds

    Do I get any perks?

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Updated: September 7, 2016
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