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Depression and Jobs

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    I’ve recently been put on antidepressants for depression and anxiety.Clearly a sign life isn't going too well!

    I’m not really sure what I hope to achieve with this post other than get mythoughts in order.

    It all started when I took a job in a call centre. I got a First in Politics from a top(ish)university but it was the only work I could get.

    The job didn’t work out. I was told I was at risk of failing probation. It wasn’t for me. The constant monitoring, verbal abuse. Sure I can make excuses about the training - the training IT system didn't work - but the reality is that I just wasn’t much good at the job. Can’t help but think what use a degree is If I can’t hack a job like that.

    Since losing the job I’ve been in a state of panic about what to do next given myincome is down to £0.Before I got this job I was volunteering with the CAB which I’ve gone back to as a CV filler. Nothing worse than a gap on the CV.

    However, as rewarding as the work can be it is never going to lead to the paid role. Also given my mental health I am not sure this role is a great fit for me for at the moment.

    Housing is the one area at CAB I excel at but given my mental health I'm not sure going for jobs in say homelessness is a great idea. Just struggling to think of things I could cope with and stand a realistic chance of getting.

    Call centre jobs aren't that pleasant. I know loads of people who have walked in the middle of a shift so don't take it personally.

    Make an application for welfare support. With depression, I'd urge you to read up on both ESA and JSA and then apply to the one that you feel best suits your needs.

    Life after uni is difficult. I feel that it's a generational thing.
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    I would in fact be Universal Credit with a 42 day wait for payment. I am capable ofworking. I’d pass a WCA. Just goingthrough a rough patch really. This call centre job was terrible but it was bringing in £300 a week and I am the kind ofperson quite happy to wear £10 Asda jeans. £300 is a lot of money.My attitude was this job is so bad I’d prefer to be stacking shelves on thenightshift for similar money but no stress. What I probably didn’t factor in isa degree makes me “overqualified” for a lot of jobs. I know you can’t changethe past but I regret getting a Politics degree so much. It doesn't seem to be a respected.What I am doing with CAB just isn’t going anywhere. The organisation is sounderfunded. Obviously on a human level I care but the fact that I’m not beingpaid means I’m starting to feel a bit disengaged with it. Why bust a gut for arole that isn’t going anywhere?

    hi op, I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I'm going through bad times myself. I have anxiety and depression to the point where its badly effecting my life. I've ashamedly considered suicide in the past. and have had many struggles with past issues such as the loss of my sister. I'm just about to start counseling this month, so hopefully something can come of that. i get so worked up ( start sweating, red faced, shaking ) in social situations swell.

    i got a first in my illustration degree, but have zero confidence in applying for jobs/interviews and its a really struggle as you say when there isn't any money coming in.

    keep trying m,ate , I'm sure it'll work out for you.

    Same here guys
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    I’ve an interview Friday so that is something.A few applications I expect to get replies for have not comeback yet. That is the difference . When I was employed there wereconsequences if someone ignored my e-mails. There isn’t now.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I’ve recently been put on antidepressants for depression and anxiety.Clearly a sign life isn't going too well!
    I was at my worst when I'd just started settling my job (same job I'm still in). I had an amazing career path ahead of me, and was finally able to get my life on track. For some reason it all just hit me and I couldn't face it. No triggers, no reason to be depressed.

    Life just gets to us at times, but use the support, you won't get better just from the medication. You need to talk to someone.

    As you said, you've got a good degree under your belt, all you need to do now is work out what you want to do for the next few years, doesn't have to be your career for the rest of your life, but maybe find a grad scheme, find a job you'll enjoy. Don't limit yourself to what you feel you should do, go and do what you want to do.

    Get your mental health sorted out first.
    You have a great degree from a good uni, so I would have some confidence things will turn out.
    You need to toughen up slightly and be patient.

    Identify your skills and the jobs you want to do.
    Perfect your job application interview process.
    Treat job hunting like a full time or at least a p/t job.
    Keep busy in other things.
    If your work experience has become stale, then change it to something relevant or that you will enjoy.
    Look forwards and not back, the fact you are getting interviews is highly positive.
    All thats happened is you lost a crummy job that you werent suited to.
    If you are determined then you will win through.
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