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The Night Of

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    Anyone watch the first episode last week?

    It's got good reviews in America so looking forward to seeing how it pans out

    But I was gripped by it. Riz Ahmed is one of my favourite actors to watch and his performance so far has been captivating. To such an extent I visualised myself in his shoes, making his decisions, thinking **** I'd have been blubbering and *****ing myself had I been in his shoes.

    Apparently the role of the lawyer, played by John Tonturro, was to be played James Gandolfini before he died but the former, in the brief appearances towards the end of the first episode, seems to have nailed the role nicely.

    Its pretty good. Am about to watch the last episode. Its based upon a BBC series called Criminal Justice.. Would have been interesting with Gandolfini.
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    Now, having watched the series finale last night, I can only say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Nas' evolution into a prison hard-nut was probably a tad predictable - maybe showing the opposite route such as turning down Freddy's help consistently and being scared would have been more beneficial to the point that when he was found innocent and freed that rather than becoming a street hustler, he'd be a nervous wreck showing how much it had destroyed him. That would have been more impactful.One thing I enjoyed was you did end up thinking of the intentions of the characters from Stone (was it all about his genuine interest in Naz, or money?), the financial advisor, Amelia's step-father, Box's turn at the end when he looked more forensically at the case than slamming it through for an easy conviction.Turturro's performance as Stone was enjoyable, the court speech was emotive and you felt in a way it was his defining moment just as much as it was for Nas.

    Not sure how they'd pull a second series from these characters but any subsequent series with new characters, I'd watch it.

    Riz Ahmed is he the guy in the new Bourne movie?
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    (Original post by mkap)
    Riz Ahmed is he the guy in the new Bourne movie?
    Yup. He's also in the new Star Wars film.

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Updated: October 22, 2016
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