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Been accepted for Physics & Astrophysics in 2018. I'll be 29: what can I expect?

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    Well I've just been accepted to start Sheffield in 2018 (personal reasons, but no point going into them) and I'll be 29 years old.

    From people who are studying the same as me, what can I expect?

    From the people who are at Sheffield in general, is 29 a little too old to join in with the younger crowd? I'm young at heart, and I actually look younger than my age, too. I think the only thing my age affects is my hangovers, haha. I see a lot of people have this worry, but I just want to fit in, and not be seen as the "creepy older guy" trying to fit in with younger people. Maybe if someone around my age who has lived in student halls (which I'll be doing) has any experience, feel free to comment

    I'll have more questions as time goes on, but I guess I'll get to them when people respond and a question I think they might be able to answer pops into my head.

    Thanks all

    It's probably a bit too old, from what I've seen the cut off occurs for people who start around age 25/26.
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    Well that sucks. I'm going to be focussing more on studying than anything else if I'm honest. But want to take part in the societies around the Uni. Anyone my age or older have any advice?

    I have to disagree with the other comment. During my undergrad degree I had many friends in their late 20's, I think it's really the outlook you take on life. If you walk around handing out werther's original, then yes, you'll be deemed older and find it difficult socialising. However if you approach people in a friendly manner and are relaxed I don't see why you would find it difficult to make friends, of course you're probably not going to have much in common with an 18 year old but there are copious amounts of early-mid 20 year olds to interact with. It isn't like high school where everyone is the same age, so if like you say you're young at heart, people will most likely assume you're in your early 20s if you don't mention your age. If you don't get hung up on it, neither will they.

    I'd suggest trying as many societies as you can and see which you gel with the best and keep the ball rolling with those ones. There's also a postgraduate society who will probably welcome you if your doing an UG course, plenty of older students in that group.

    Hope this helps.
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    Well that's definitely the more positive answer I was hoping for. I guess i just won't mention my age until asked. It's hardly a crime. And I loved the bit about weathers original haha

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Updated: September 7, 2016
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