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First day of high school depression

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    (Original post by Cruxell)
    I'm not really sure what to suggest if I'm honest, this doesn't sound nice at all. I'd try and stick it out for a while if you can, but if it's too much is there any way you can change schools? Where did people from your old school mostly go- would you be better off there? I don't know a lot about stuttering (BurstingBubbles? Sorry for tagging you randomly!) but just try and go slowly and calmly as you can, being more anxious is only going to make it worse unfortunately. There might be some support services at the school you can access, or your GP if you've not seen them about it before. If there's any clubs/societies you might be interesting these can be good for meeting people too. Studying you can learn, you're maybe better off focusing on some of the rest first but it's up to you. You'll get there

    (Original post by Cruxell)
    I'm fourteen and today (well yesterday as it's past midnight) was my first day of high school. For the past one month-ish I've been quite depressed, and my depression was increasing as time passed and the start date of high school was coming closer and closer. Now high school has come and; I am an antisocial sadist and I do not enjoy talking with people in real life, or being in large groups (my class has got 24 students, elementary school had 14 and even that was difficult for me to endure). However that in itself is not why I am so frightened of high school. I unfortunately stutter in every single sentence I say. I've tried to speak loud, fast, slow, I've tried everything but nothing helped me. You've probably heard people stuttering, but I assure you, my problem is way worse than that. I do not only repeat the first letter a couple of time, sometimes it takes me 5-6 embarrassing seconds just to say a word. And I produce weird sounds while attempting to speak. Long story short, talking is extremely embarrassing for me.
    However the first day went rather well. I only had to introduce myself by saying my name and which school I went to, and I said my name to a guy who asked me for it. But, what do I do tomorrow? I know exactly what's gonna happen, some teacher or somebody will ask me to introduce myself, and I'll stutter like crazy, retards will laugh and eventually will start mocking and bullying me. One day in school was enough for me too what retards I attend classes with, they're all dumb and juvenile hillbillies. Has anybody got any idea for how to prevent or reduce stuttering?
    That's, sadly, not the end to my issues. I happen to be fat, very fat. Tomorrow, believe it or not, the first two classes is psychical education (or gym or whatever it's called in English). *Sigh*
    You probably picture me as some fat geek boy, but, actually, I suck at studying. I believe that I am intelligent, but I didn't have to study much in elementary school and I suck at it badly. To make thins even worse, I got into a rather difficult school. I'm highly depressed, and I know, at the age of fourteen, that my life is **** and will be ****. Forever. I'm not currently planning to go to college, or anything after high school (which is common in this *****y country).
    Thank you for reading, I know this is long but I had to express this with someone.
    Really sorry to read what you're experiencing. Stammering/stuttering is more common than people think but it won't usually go away by itself. The best thing to do is go to your GP who may be able to refer you to a speech and language therapist. They can work wonders! There are different characteristics of stammering (not just the repetition but the pause before getting a word out and elongating sounds, as you have described) it sounds like you have these other characteristics so go to your GP as soon as you can to tackle it as early as possible. Good luck and let me know if you need to chat
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Updated: September 14, 2016
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