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Is it possible to do a full body workout in one day

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    (Original post by I am Kira)
    Starting uni soon and I won't be able to continue my regime
    So I was wondering if I could do all my workouts in one day working on my legs arms chest and back
    So I would only go gum once a week

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    The most important part of picking a training routine is finding one you can adhere to. If you can only get to the gym once a week, then there's no point going on a programme that requires you to be in more than that.

    I'd modify the 5/3/1 programme, and do it something like:

    Week 1
    5x5 Squat
    5x5 Bench
    3x5 Deadlift

    Week 2
    4x3 Squat
    4x3 Bench
    2x3 Deadlift

    Week 3
    3x2 Squat
    3x2 Bench
    1x2 Deadlift

    yes swimming is full body

    (Original post by Angry cucumber)
    Just fyi not all courses are a doss

    Posted from TSR Mobile
    But all courses do provide for a fairly liberal amount of free time.

    (Original post by SmashConcept)
    All bar a few courses do provide for a fairly liberal amount of free time.

    (Original post by Angry cucumber)
    I'm curious to hear what examples you're about to come up with because I know it's not medicine, law, architecture or whatever vets do.

    From what I have seen, it seems to be those who are doing the courses that are generally considered to be more time demanding that are disproportionately involved with sports stuff. The powerlifting team at my uni seems to contain a lot of engineers, medics and the like. If you manage your time well and aren't doing some ridiculous routine then you'll manage to do it alongside your studies.
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Updated: September 8, 2016
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