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Studying in Australia - need a loan for feb

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    Hi all,

    Pleaseeee could you help me? I'm trying to ask questions about how to organise this but my education agent here isn't being very helpful.

    So I have just finished up (literally, handed my last essay in today) for my second module of a philosophy/psychology degree for open uni uk degree (an online course), so basically just finished the equivalent of one year as it was part time, funded by uk student finance.

    I'm in Australia at the moment, I'm on a working holiday visa but want to change to a study visa, so that from February I can study in Melbourne Australia, I want to just study Psychology for my final two years though (no more philosophy) as I want to be a registered psychologist at the end of it.

    Anyway, I'm trying to organise this out here, but a bit clueless as to what steps I take to organise this. Should I be applying to uni's in Melbourne first, contacting you first or organising a study visa first? I don't know where to start and can
    t call the line as it's a UK number and will cost me a fortune.

    Please help me understand what I need to do to study internationally full time, and have UK student finance cover this. Also, on a study visa you can only work 20 hours per week, so money would be extremely tight, can I get extra loan to cover housing costs?


    Hi there.

    If you're studying at an overseas College/University and not through one in the UK, we will not be able to award you funding.

    We can only fund UK based institutions.

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    Really?! How does anyone study internationally then? So there's no options for me whatsoever?
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Updated: September 6, 2016
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