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Overseas Income Assessment Form

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    To whom it may concern,I have just received my letter regarding being in another country for more than 3 months. I am keen to get the form back as soon as possible but I am uncertain how I should complete the form.I moved here last year and just discovered I was supposed to of informed the student loans company of my intentions. I have diligently updated the details online with the back-dated date. However the move was almost a year ago and my confusion is what to mark down for how I am supporting myself. As soon as I moved here I was classed as being a full time student while in a language school. I am now moving into teacher training this September. So I have been a student the entire time (technically).
    In the mean time I have been living with my fiancee and her parents. They are self-employed family business owners and while they support me by providing their home as shelter and putting food on the table, there isn't a clear monetary figure for what this amounts to. Furthermore, they give me an allowance of 50 euros per a week. How do I progress forward with this form? I really don't want to pay back at maximum...Many regardsMichael
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Updated: September 6, 2016
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