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How far do extenuating circumstances help?

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    I have had a really awful and stressful last alevel year, I was hoping to achieve A*A*A but I only achieved A*AC in the end, but I didn't apply to university anyways because I wasn't too sure at the end of my as year what to apply for.

    I'v had a lot of personal problems like my grandparents who both lived with me were terribly unwell, and my granddad died and my grandmother had heart failure during my a level exams this year.

    I also temporarily lost part of my vision, causing extreme dryness and lights were such an issue - I sound classroom lighting and my school library lighting unbearable

    Anyways, I just wanted to know - how far do you think my extenuating circumstances will help me , I was originally hoping to apply to Oxbridge - but I don't even know now , I feel so pathetic and stupid. Realistically Do you think admission tutors will look at my situation and consider my application for A*AA courses? And has anybody else has any success stories with extenuating circumstances?

    Many thanks everyone, I really appreciate all your help.

    Provided your school are aware and mention it on your reference, they can help quite a bit. Cambridge also have their extenuating circumstances (ECF) form. I had much worse grades than you when I applied and yet managed to be invited for interview and got an offer.

    I know you are disappointed with your grades but they are remarkable, especially given your situation . Best of luck with your resits and application .
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Updated: September 12, 2016
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