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In need of urgent help and advice

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    Where do I start?
    My GCSE results weren't as I expected, now don't go thinking that I didn't work hard enough because in all honesty I have never worked so hard in my life and it agitates me how my plans for the future are crumbling apart. I was horrified on results day and I cried so much because I didn't expect such results, especially since prior to the real GCSE exams I didn't revise as much before exams and came out with all A*. So how is it when I do put the effort in I get bad results? I was expecting 11 A*s and a B but what I got is bellow 5 A*s and what shocked me the most was the fact that I got the A*s in the subjects I didn't revise as hard. I potentially wanted to go to Oxford to study medicine but there is no way now since they consider GCSEs so heavily. I believe that I will be able to achieve 4 A* at A-level and I know it won't come easy but believe me when I say that I have started slaving for it. My goal is is still to medicine but instead at Cambridge.Do I stand a chance? I have attempted the BMAT and I have scored quite highly also there is much room for improvement with doing more practise papers and learning techniques. I will start volunteering and I play a sport. I have heard you need at least 6 A*s and 4 As at GCSE for medicine, is that always the case? After all this waffle I guess the real question is: DO I STAND A CHANCE? Even if it is close to none I will work hard to make it work, you don't understand for how long I have been dreaming of this, this is my goal. Please give any advice you are willing to offer and thank you

    Yes you can still do medicine, don't panic I understand that your results were very disappointing to you (that kind of thing where I actually end up with worse results when I work harder happens sometimes to me too), but they nevertheless sound good. Those results would make it risky to apply to a couple unis, including Oxford, but you're probably still going to be a strong applicant at most, if you get good A2 results and the rest of your application is also good. 6A*4A is totally not a real thing. Don't worry, and use this as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes
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