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What's it like being in a relationship?

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    Girls and boys please answer, all welcome.
    I've never been in a relationship but I imagine it to be loads of hand holding and cuddling is that true? What's it really like being in a relationship?
    What are your most and least favourite things about being in a relationship?

    It's more trouble than it's worth

    Being in a relationship with the right person is the best thing ever. Being in a relationship with someone who doesn't treat you right or who you just don't like, is a waste of time and can bring you down.

    There's a lot more to a relationship than just cuddles and holding hands, especially once the relationship gets serious. After a while, the 'honeymoon period' wears off. You don't feel constant butterflies, you can't dismiss your partners faults all the time any more and generally, this stage can be make or break for couples as they see each other in a different light. To a strong couple, it'll make no negative difference to their relationship but will strengthen their bond and make them develop deeper feelings for each as they can see they the list they felt at the beginning and accept their partner for who they are, not just what all the butterflies and giddiness made them think they were.

    For me the best part of being in a relationship is the little things. Sure it's fun being engaged and planning a wedding and those are big things and I am grateful for them but it's the little moments I would miss like when we go for a drive listening to music or have a good discussion about random stuff, when we watch Star Trek together, when one of us makes a fancy meal, when we laugh about the old times and realise how much time has past and that things have changed but we haven't etc.

    The only drawback I have for being in a relationship, even when it's the right one is arguments. Doesn't matter how perfect you are as a couple, you'll argue. Maybe once every few days, maybe once a month but it will happen. As long as the arguments aren't serious, violent or totally out of hand, I don't see it as anything to worry about. You are two people spending a lot of time together and you can't always agree on everything so of course it's going to happen.

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    I think being in a relationship with someone who you are in love with is the best and perfect feeling anyone could feel


    I can imagine it's great with the right person. Otherwise, it's just done for expectations and is just a pain in the arse.
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Updated: September 7, 2016
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