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If you ever go to Canada and someone tries to steal from you don't fight back

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    (Original post by joecphillips)
    So basically this is because you don't like what I post, you are saying charged and convicted are 2 different things I never said that they were not, I hadn't even suggested he had been convicted I said he is facing the possibility of a longer jail sentence than the people who tried to car jack his mother.

    on this as it is clear that you don't actually care about the issue you just care that it is me who has posted this.

    The title wasn't misleading and it isn't stupid he has been charged and he could get a longer sentence than the 2 car jackers,
    The incident seems to have happened, but none of the sources I've found are particularly clear on what happened to the attempted car jackers, e.g:

    “My son went into the house, and I happen to have a baseball bat beside the front door.“My son chased this guy for three blocks, across a 149 Street, caught him on the other side of 149 Street, and things went south from there for that guy.”

    Another source says the carjacker that was caught needed to go to hospital following the assault.

    We do not know exactly what happened, but it does not sound like reasonable force was used. Therefore they will have to face the consequences of their actions. Vigilante justice does not feature in the law books of the UK, or as far as I know, Canada.

    (Original post by joecphillips)
    You will face the possibility of a longer jail sentence than the theif.

    Self defence has to be proportional. The police and court will determine whether in the circumstances his actions were proportional. If they were he will be found not guilty.

    What is the problem?

    Also that link doesn't actually give any description of the events that took place.
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Updated: September 8, 2016
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