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Why are slutty girls so rude

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    I noticed that sluts tend to be more rude than normal people

    Probably because they get judged all the time by people like you

    Because of feminism, emancipation throughout the centuries and bad upbringing caused by generation Y's parents.

    Sluts are rude because it's the classic psychological scenario, i.e. they are like babies: if the baby can get away with doing something wrong, it will smile in delight from getting away with it and will repeat the violating act.

    Sluts are known to have thousands of guys upon their feet, begging for a date with them and this makes them feel powerful. Give a human power and he will abuse it. Weak guys (almost all males nowadays) get treated horribly and unfairly by sluts and these sluts still get away with that because the weak guys just want them so badly, they'll do anything for them.

    And so, now these sluts know they don't have to do effort to please someone (i.e. effort of having basic manners), but they are accustomed to the fact that most guys will try to please them, thus they feel like a queen on a pedestal.

    If you act weak towards a woman, you don't show that you are of high value! As humans, we want to fight to get things. Do we ever want to do effort for things that are not worth much? No, because we are animals and we are instinctively wired to survive (which is why our brains create dopamine, for us to go out and seek sex, great food etc).
    A couple of examples:
    - Why does everyone play the lottery? Because of high value.
    - Why does everyone want a hot, good-looking, successful partner? Because of high value (i.e. successful offspring)
    - Why does everyone want the slut? Because she's hard to get (again, high value)
    - We feel satisfied when we had to work super hard to ace that class

    How do we treat people and things with low value? We throw them away.
    A couple of examples:
    - trash
    - used things (well, most consumerist people do)
    - We feel bad when we easily pass a class

    Nonetheless, these are not the only reasons sluts are rude to people, especially guys. It's a good psychological question for us to analyze, though!

    Probably similar reasons to what made them sluts in the first place.

    How are you defining "sluts" here?
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Updated: September 7, 2016
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