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23 never had a girlfriend

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    A lot of guys struggle with chicks. The real question is, does it even matter?

    The most important thing is that you invest time and energy into yourself. Getting with chicks does not make you "more" of a person.

    No you are not a loser, Just chew the will power pill and start approaching more women, the more you do this, the more easier it will become and you will get natural confidence and this affects how you are seen and perceived.

    Online, speed dating, approaching, joining clubs, meeting through college/uni, work, through your family or friends. the more you meet women through different channels, the more opportunities you have. I would recommend reading conversation skills books from Waterstones or Amazon to help you with convo skills and look at videos from the authentic man within or Jhonny Berba to help you further.

    Talk without the need to get anything, just enjoy it, don't think of the outcome, be lively and enthusiastic.

    Going to the gym, wearing good, styled clothes that fit you feel, grooming well, having a good hairstyle, being more confident will help a lot.

    Good Luck!
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Updated: September 8, 2016
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