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Dyslexic Student University Support/Allowances

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    So currently at my school I had 25% extra time and used a laptop for exams. This is because of dyslexia however I have not had the full dyslexia test. Because the test costs £500 for my sixth form they gave me a basic test for access arrangements which would give me the extra time and typing provision for exams thus saving me money of the test but still giving me the benefits the test would have. The tests I did do indicated I do have dyslexia as well as my teachers observations and family also having it thus I have no doubt I'm dyslexic but universities require the full test.

    -Will I have to pay for the dyslexia test at my university? How much?
    -What allowances to dyslexic students get from the university?
    -How much extra money (if any) do you get for applying to Disabled Student Allowance given it's a very minor disability ?

    You don't get any money from DSA. You can get things like equipment, a non medical helper and exam arrangements.

    Dsylexic tests are normally £300 to £400. Some uni's have funds available for testing so get in touch with there learning support.

    I was given extra time and allowed to use computer for exam which made a big difference. They also sent me to a centre to look at various equipment available. Discorvering software such as inspiration really helped. They then gave dsa the reccomendations for equipment. This was few years ago and i know they are more tighter now, but i got laptop, printer, scanner, dichtaphone for recording lectures, inspiration software. I could have got dragonspeak so i could talk to computer but didnt find it useful. I think now you have to make 200 contribution to laptop if you require it.

    You can also get support, like someone reading essays, so its worth chatting it over with uni.

    Good luck!

    (Original post by Hynish)
    I think now you have to make 200 contribution to laptop if you require it.
    This is only for SFE students.
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