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The Irony of Nationalism

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    Can somebody please educate me on why the poor during an economic decline [not directly after, they tend to want stabilization] vote for very far right wing parties on the basis of reducing immigration. Those same far right parties advocate very low taxes on the rich which would sincerely prevent government services/benefits which many use. Even more ironic that Nigel Farage is a millionaire who was a 'city banker' who he frequently insults, Donald Trump is a billionaire who cries about inequality. I suppose Immigration is a primitive concept in comparison to very simple economics. Another ironic thing is that where there is a high population of immigrants [London, New York, California], the nationalists do not do very well however where there are very low populations of immigrants they prosper so the 'they tuk er jobs' mentality confuses me. Scapegoating ofc but surely the ideal situation for the troglodytes would be to have a high tax, low immigration party perhaps.
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Updated: September 7, 2016
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