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Some help please, feel like I'm f*cked

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    So last year I started my course which was supposed to be a foundation year then advancing onto a degree course, anyway I ****ed it didn't really go (had reasons) so applied for special circumstances got accepted and have now done all my resits, I get my results next week, move into my house for this year on friday.

    My problem comes here, back last year when I knew I had missed too much of my course to recover I contacted my student support officer to see about resitting the year which I didn't mind doing because I knew I'd be more focused the next time around but I explained my reasons for missing so many lectures and work etc and she said I should apply for special circumstances FIRST as I could possibly still pass the year by just repeating key modules (but I would have to pass them all) so I applied and got accepted anyway after doing my resits I felt I may have done not so good in one so I contacted her again asking for information about resitting the whole year if I failed one as she told me to try to do resits FIRST I assumed if they didn't go well I would just have to do the whole year again she got back to me and told me that no I wouldn't be able to resit the year as a whole again but instead if I failed one module I would most likely be offered the chance to repeat it again next summer BUT I would have to take a non attendance year.

    My problem with this is that I have already sorted my house for this year, signed the lease etc (I'm from N.Ireland btw and study in Manchester) am going back over on friday and if I do a non attendance year wont receive any loans which kind of completely ****s me because I will have to work a ridiculous amount of hours to afford to live because of my age and the wage I will get, so I'm just wondering if there is any way I can get like a grant or loan or something to help me live or if I could even apply for another course like anything at all just to get a loan??? HELP

    Worst case scenario, pull out of your lease at the first available opportunity. Problem solved.
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Updated: September 10, 2016
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