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iPhone 7 is ugly, who agrees?

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    (Original post by shuu00)
    You'd know if you watched their iPhone 7 live event.

    They removed the headphone jack because it has been in place for very long. They wanted to challenge that and create something new and better. It also takes up a lot of space, which could be used for something else. By using lightning to plug in your headphones they've freed up space and got rid of something that would have eventually went anyway. How long can you stick to the same design?

    Stupid earbud things? People in these comments are so ignorant. Do you have any idea how much engineering went into designing these "stupid earbud things"? They stop playing music when you take them out due to sensors, they have microphones which detect background noise and cancel it out (by playing the same noise back to you but pi radians out of phase resulting in destructive interference, the music you're listening to is being played at the same time of course). Honestly, read up a bit about the whole production process before you make such comments.
    I for one, don't mind a wire between the phone and the ear. They keep finding ways to "innovate" and charge more for it at the same time. And those ear bud things do look incredibly easy to lose due to their size. I swear apple fanboys will defend anything they do these days smh.


    (Original post by swanderfeild)
    Because they can afford it; we're talking about what two weeks salary for full time person to get it outright - half a day's per month for monthly contract?
    Just because you can afford it, doesn't mean you should buy it. It seems totally unnecessary.
    I swear some ADULTS still go about bragging to other folk about how special their new phone is.

    (Original post by cbreef)
    Just because you can afford it, doesn't mean you should buy it. It seems totally unnecessary.
    I swear some ADULTS still go about bragging to other folk about how special their new phone is.
    Yeah but we do lots of unnecessary stuff because we can afford to, eating out, alcohol, cars in non rural areas etc. Life would be rather dull if we only spent money on 'necessary' stuff.*
    I have never seen anyone bragging about their new phones, barring people whose job it is to promote those phones... Preety pathetic and sallow to brag about something so irrelevant.

    I ldon't agree, I think the iPhone 7 is legit

    Just managed to preorder mine! I think it's beautiful

    Iphone is ugly in general. Hail Nokia/Windows.

    They always like to claim that the changes they make are ''innovation''. The 1st iPhone and iPad were properly good ideas. However these airpods seem like just another way for apple to make more money off people.

    Easy to loose, so higher potential for replacement buyers.

    They cost £160. You can buy cars for less money! Hilarious price for what are no more than a pair of wireless earphones.

    You can only currently use airpods with the iphone, I.e No 3rd party airpods available at the moment.

    The phone itself hasn't really changed an awful lot, they still price it sky high.

    Once a Nexus, always a Nexus. The 5x is a 1/3 of the price of the new iPhone and you get all the features of the iphone, along a standard headphone jack and far better software. Android.
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Updated: September 10, 2016
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