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Why does life seem like its working out for others but not me?

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    Lately, many people around me are having good things happen. Life is moving forward for them, they aren't standing still- they're getting promotions or new jobs or whatever.

    Specifically, my partner and her friend have both landed jobs. One of which has landed her ideal job.

    My mate has just won a place to do a taught masters at a top research intensive university.

    Whereas, I'm still sat here applying for jobs, still trying to get that first role in industry, while building my experience and a portfolio.

    I feel I'm doing something wrong or I haven't cottoned on to some secret ingredient of life.

    I'm really down at the moment, and have been in a slump for a while. It's just getting worse, I'm getting more depressed.

    I hear you m8, only that I did get a "first role in industry" and was gone within 3 months because I was incompetent. Trying to get back in is really hard. (Harder than getting in first time)

    Its common to feel this way, especially in our early 20s when people we knew are getting their degrees, have their career all planned out, some have settled down etc.

    I've often felt down, useless and even a little bitter when I see people my age getting degrees and landing a job so easily when I had to quit uni because of my health and haven't been able to work and been in and out of the health care system for years and it makes me feel like everyone else is moving forward, getting places and generally enjoying life while I am stuck in the same position I've been in for so long and even falling backwards sometimes.

    Keep chipping away at it eventually your break will come

    Life is mostly long stretches of apprehension, stress and failure with short bursts of pivotal success that refuel us for the next marathon of struggle. Whenever I'm feeling sorry for myself, I think how I could be selling pencils from a cup in the street, begging for food, not an hour of education to my unknown name, no future, lonely and exiled from society. I don't do this to justify failure or accept second-best but the exact opposite: it reminds me that at least we have the chance at a future - at least we have the potential to be ambitious and driven, so make the most of it, don't squander it wallowing in your own pity.
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