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Article: How to beat homesickness when you start uni

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    Our latest advice on beating homesickness :H http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/cont...-you-start-uni

    Anyone got any other tips?


    A danger is to sign up / pay for stuff you end up not doing :lol: so take advantage of events for societies, and don't commit anything unless you need to. But definitely try out a lot of stuff to find a few things that you'd like, keeps you busy. The worst thing to do is to just stay in your room for the week watching Orange Is The New Black :erm:

    Post one is nice as well, my mum sent me some waffles in the post made me feel slightly homesick but this was in second year so..

    And it's also worth mentioning that yeah, 'a lot' (sorry for the lack of quantifying / sounding vague / perhaps making assumptions) of people'll feel like this and it should usually subside over time after varying periods of time (a bit like a break up I suppose :lol:) but not everyone does and that's okay. That's when you speak to different people, parents, tutors, services at the uni... and try to figure out the root of the issue before taking any action.

    For God's sake force yourself to go out, even if you don't feel like it. I held back and decided I would 'ease' myself in and I've always regretted it, because I missed my chance to get into societies and things early on. I did make friends but I think I would have had a much wider circle if I'd put myself out there from day 1.

    I learnt from this and on my year abroad, although I felt the same (homesick, nervous, not wanting to go out) I forced myself to and enjoyed the year so much because of it.

    I absolutely despise being at home. I even despise being in my home country. If I attend university abroad, when I come home for the holidays, I'll be uni-sick!

    I thought the title had said, 'how to beat the homeless at uni', I had very different expectations.
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Updated: September 14, 2016
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