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Bigpaddy27's journey to A*AA !

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    Bigpaddy27's journey to A*AA !:auto:
    *Updating every week*

    Hi guys,
    I am currently in year 13 and I am studying Politics, German and Economics. In year 12, I studied very hard as I was disappointed with my GCSE results- 7B 3C. I ended up with BBB in my AS levels.

    Breakdown of AS results:

    Politics- 159/200, 160=A
    German- 158/200, 160=A
    Economics- 103/140, 107=A

    After achieving my results, I felt deflated to an extent although my teachers reassured me that the improvement have made since GCSE was really good. I worked the hardest I feel I could however this year I am ready to give it even more.

    Since the 18th of August:
    Spent 2 weeks in Germany studying in a language school.
    Sold my PS4 (addicted to call of duty ha)
    Sold my TV (watched too much netflix)
    Swapped my iPhone 6+ for a nokia brick phone- snapchat and instagram caused many distractions.

    My aims:
    I intend to study for 42 hours a week on top of lessons. This means that on average I will spend 2 hours on each of my 3 subjects per day from now until the exams. I have never achieved an A grade before and this year my aim is to achieve A*AA. I also intend to work out more and loose some weight as I heard, Healthy body= healthy mind ha.

    The future:
    I would like to study A level maths in a gap year or 2. I have only achieved a high B at GCSE maths but I won't give up and I want to get into banking. I wish to study economics or economics with german at a top university e.g LSE.

    I will update this blog, every few days to share with you how my week has been and my grades and my revision tips etc. I am happy for feedback and constructive criticism! Thanks and I hope you enjoy following my journey.

    Bigpaddy27 - I wish you luck with your challenge. I wouldn't abadon all sources of enjoyment though because it's not productive to study all the time.
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    (Original post by Quamquam123)
    Bigpaddy27 - I wish you luck with your challenge. I wouldn't abadon all sources of enjoyment though because it's not productive to study all the time.
    Hey, thank you very much Yes, i understand. I am going to make sure I get a night planned on a Friday every couple of weeks and also I have rugby training every day which is social i guess ha. Just found instagram to be a distraction so getting rid of the iPhone has helped that.
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    Update 9/09/2016
    So today I had German and Economics, wasn't too bad just went through Protectionism in Economics and the film Goodbye Lennin in German. This weekend I intend to finalise my revision timetable and complete an essay for german on the film Goodbye Lennin. This weekend I am not going too hard as need to get my stationary etc and then my first 6 hours of study will start on Monday 12th Sep.
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    Week A revision timetable:

    Monday:8.00-8.30am- 30 mins German- Vocab 15 Words wort for wort

    9.40am-10.40am- Politics- Unit 3, Notes following scheme of working using Heywood book

    11.40-12.40- Ezy economics notes (micro)

    12.30-1.30- German, 30 mins listening, 30 minutes studying Goodbye Lenin material

    2.00-3.00- Politics, Heywood book notes and real life examples to find

    3.00-4.00- Macro Economics notes, ezy economics.30 mins in evening- Der Vorleser quotes and cross reading. 10pm News

    8.00-8.30M- 30 mins German- vocab 15 words goodbye Lenin

    8.40-9.40am- Politics revision essay9.40-10.40am- Politics revision essay

    12.30-1.30- German essay Goodbye Lenin/ Der Vorleser 2.00-3.00- Micro ezy economics notes

    3.00-4.00- 30 mins German listening, 30 mins multiple choice macro economics AS/A2

    30 mins in evening macro economics flash cards

    10pm news

    Wednesday (rugby match day):
    8.00-8.30 am- 30 mins German Vocab, wort für wort

    8.40am-9.40am- Macro economics notes

    9.40am-10.40 am- Politics notes Heywood

    7.00-8pm- Micro economics notes.

    8.30-10pm- Goodbye Lennin (45 mins of Film including note taking)

    8.00-8.30- German vocab 15 Words, wort für wort

    8.40-9.40- Micro/macro Economics essay

    12.30-1.30- Complete micro/macro economics essay

    3.00-4.00- Der Vorleser chapter cross reading and quotes.

    5.00-6pm- Politics notes, Heywood

    7-8pm- 30 mins German listening, 30 mins The economist

    8.40-9.40pm- 30 mins Examiner report Politics, 30 Mins flashcards (ideologies and definitions)

    8.00-8.30- German Listening

    8.40am-9.40am- Politics notes, Heywood

    11.30-12.30- Ezy economics Macro notes

    2.00-3pm- Goodbye Lennin notes using booklet

    3-4pm- Ezy economics Micro notes

    5-6pm- Politics, flash card with definitions and facts (30 mins), Notes from Heywood 30 mins

    7-7.30p- Der Vorleser chapter cross read and quotes and post it notes.

    Evening- TV, Gym, 1 Diet Coke or Party(1 time PM)


    2-3pm- Macro Economics notes

    3.15-4.15pm- German Vocab from word for word 30mins, Listening 30 mins.

    4.30-5.30pm- Micro Economics flash cards 30 mins, 30 mins multiple choice

    7.30pm-8.30pm- Politics Heywood notes.

    8.45-9.15pm- Der Vorleser Chapter cross read and notes

    11.00-12- Politics Heywood notes
    12.30- 1.30 Macro Economic math questions

    2-3pm Micro Economics notes

    3.30-4.30- Goodbye lenin booklets (learn scenes)

    8.00-9pm- Politics 15 mark essay.

    9.00-10pm- German vocab 15 words from book. Whiteboard Plan for next week and tick off work.
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    8.00-8.30am- German Vocabulary, 15 Words, Book

    8.40-9.40- Ezy Economics, Micro Economics notes

    11.30-12.30- Politics notes, Heywood

    2.00pm-3pm- Ezy economics, Macro Economics notes

    5.00pm-6.30 pm- German Essay Goodbye Lennin/Der Vorleser

    9-10pm- Politics notes Heywood

    8.00-8.30am- German Vocabulary, 15 words, Goodbye Lennin

    9.40-10.40am- Politics Essay

    11.30-12.30- Politics Essay

    12.30-1.30- 30 mins German listening. 30 mins Der Vorleser chapter cross read

    3.00pm-4- Ezy economics macro economics notes

    5.00pm-5.30- Micro Economics key terms flash cards

    8.30-9.30- Economics maths problems 30 mins, German Goodbye lennin booklet

    Wednesday (rugby match day):

    8.00-8.30am- German Vocabulary, 15 words, Book

    12.30-1.30pm- Ezy economics notes- Macro

    7-8.00pm- Economics math questions

    8.15-9.15pm- Politics notes, Heywood

    9.30pm-10.30- German Listening 30 mins, Goodbye lennin booklet


    8.00-8.30am- German vocabulary, Goodbye Lennin

    9.40-10.40am- German Essay- Goodbye L or Der Vorleser

    11.40-12.30pm- Micro/Macro Economics essay

    2.00pm-3-Micro/Macro Economics essay

    3.00-4pm- Politics flash cards for definitions and key terms, Examiner report with notes

    5.00-5.30pm- Politics notes, Heywood

    8.30-9.30pm- German listening 30 mins, Macro Economics key terms flash cards


    8.00-8.30am- German vocabulary, Book

    9.40-10.40am- Micro economics notes

    5.00-6pm- Macro Economics notes

    7-8pm- Politics notes, Heywood


    7.30-8.30am- Micro Economics key terms flash cards, Examiner reports, The Economist

    2-3pm- Politics notes, Heywood or *unit 2*3.15-4.15pm- German Vocabulary, Book, Der Vorleser Chapter cross read and quotes and post it notes

    4.30-5.30pm- Macro Economics notes6.30-7.30pm- German Listening 30 mins, The Economist 30 mins

    8-8.30pm- Politics reading Heywood

    Gym, Party, Club, TV

    Sunday:11.00am-12- Politics Heywood notes

    12.30- 1.30 Micro Economics notes/ multiple choice with corrections

    2.00-3pm- German Vocabulary, Goodbye L, Listening

    3.30-4.30pm- Macro Economics notes/ multiple choice with corrections

    8.00-9pm- Politics Examiner report, 15 Mark essay/ Flash cards definitions

    9.15-10.15pm- Der Vorleser, Chapter cross read and notes and post it notes, Examiner report

    10.30- 11.30pm- Whiteboard objectives, The Student room and Economics Examiner report
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    Update 11/9th/2016

    I have just finished completing my revision timetable for the first term from now until January, I start week B tomorrow. I will not be doing many past papers as will use them in second term. I am doing around 37 hours of revision a week as I have many free periods but also I am so thirsty for success it hurts so I am willing to give everything. I have plenty of time for gym sessions and Friday or Saturday I can go out etc as I do not Finnish too late. I am to take one day at a time in order not to get overwhelmed.
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    Update 14th/9th/2016
    Since starting on Monday I have been sticking to my plan to the best of my abilities obviously its taking some time to get used to the rigour and also working out how to adapt my studying for A2 specs. Today has not been great, Rugby absolutely knackered me and getting up at 6.50am in order to be the first one is is making me tired as I never am able to get to sleep too early. Today, I completed 1 Hour of Politics, 1 Hour of Economics and 30 mins of German so I missed my target. I am going to get a good night sleep today and get onto a good successful day tomorrow! Finding it really hard to revise for 'German Listening' has anyone got any worthy tips and also we have to translate English into German in the exam which terrifies me and I have no idea how to go about doing this can anyone help me? My motivation remains strong but today I feel confused at the difficulty presented in the revision of my German! Politics and Economics revision is going well and its straight forward.
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    Update 16th/9th/2016
    Revision has been all over the place, on the majority good but have been getting use to getting up earlier and also been finding hard to revise for certain things e.g german. Today I got my first essay back in Politics out of 45 marks and I got 34 which was the highest in the class. I am happy about this as it was my first A2 essay and things are looking bright for the future. Economics has annoyed me as my teacher keeps asking the two oxford applicants every single damn question as if they are both einstein's. German going very well and waiting on an essay result on that. Will keep you posted but I am aware I haven't accumulated many followers of this thread yet haha!

    Good luck to you
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    Update 19th/9th/2016
    Hi guys. Today I managed to achieve a very productive day. Firstly, I only had 1 lesson which helped furthermore the weekend gave me a chance to recharge my batteries. Today- I have learnt 10 new phrases in German, Highlighted and defined some key content about the film I am studying in German and noted down some quotes from the book we are studying in German. I have done 2 hour of work on micro economics and macro economics in which I used lecture videos and took down notes and used flash cards to write down important facts from my recent lessons e,g new diagrams. I spent 1 hour and a half on Politics in which I used a book to help me write down notes on state sovereignty as I need to write an essay on sovereignty soon. I read the economist for 20 minutes and I also have done 2 and a half hours of exercise and I am currently 20lbs down since starting in June.
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    Update 22/09/16
    Hi everyone so yesterday I was not productive as I had a big rugby game and that took up my day and I felt achy and in pain afterwards. Today however- 30 mins of German Vocab, 2 hours of Economics, 1 hour of politics ( essay writing) and about to do some more economics as need to learn a unit. I am sticking to the plan as best as I can however as it is September I am prioritising homework etc. Today we got our German essay back and I achieved a high B whereas the rest of the class achieved C grades and below so I was very happy about this and feel as though if I keep going to A* should be possible also having learnt a lot of words for the environment section looking back at the translation I previously mentioned doesn't look too evil now!
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    Update 30th/9th/16
    Hi everyone- sorry for not posting recently I have been rather busy focussing on a variety of things such as school, gym and improving my sleeping pattern. Work wise- I haven't been able to stick 100% to the plan however I am slowly getting better and hoping to get in a solid 6 hours tomorrow. I had parents evening the other day and I think I am being predicted AAB or ABB but it makes no difference to me as I will not be applying to university this year. I do sometimes feel burnt out which concerns me as I really would like to achieve the A*AA however so far I am happy with my progress- I went from a B in my first economics essay to a B+ on my second essay and my next one should be A-, I also have an economics assessment for the final predicted grade next week which I am preparing for. German is going really well and I feel that I am doing really well and that the A or even A* is in good reach. Politics is going very well and I feel A* in politics would be the most likely out of the three subjects.

    Plan for tomorrow:
    solid 6 hours of study
    eat healthy (I am 24lbs down since may)
    watch x factor for some enjoyment- yes x factor ha.

    Shall update tomorrow or Sunday.
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    Update 3/10th/16Hi, Sorry I didn't update yesterday was really tired. Today- I have spent 2 hours of Economics doing flashcards for micro and macro taking down notes and writing down key terms etc. Need to start doing some multiple choice questions from last year as I have looked over some and forgot answers etc. I have spent 90 mins roughly on Politics finishing off my notes for unit 3, topic 1- approaches and theories and that has gone well. I am awaiting 2 essay results in Politics as I have done 3 for the 1st topic and my first one was 34/45. I have done around 90 mins on German- Vocabulary (found hard to remember today and messed up in my test of reaping them as they were phrases so harder to learn) the other 60 mins I spent taking down quotes and annotating them for the book I am studying this year- Der Vorleser. Going to the Gym now and glad to have had a successful day.
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    Update 6th/10/2016

    Today was not great. I got my first properly marked (using mark scheme etc) A2 German essay back and I got 29/45 so I was certainly not too chuffed however the top student got 36 all I can do is keep working hard and by next summer hopefully I will break into the top bracket. Moreover in Economics although I got 4 marks on one question, I messed up this maths question which was 2 marks but I just need to keep on top of the stuff from last year.

    Revision wise- Learn some German vocabulary- I find remembering the words from German to English fine but English to German much harder. I did some Politics notes and flash cards for some key terms of the second topic 'Power' and then in Economics I did a new maths question from the new spec which I got correct so that was pleasing.

    Next Week:

    Assessment week-
    German- Translation from English to German :/ and then an Essay
    Politics- 45 mark Essay and 15 Mark smaller essay
    Economics- 60 mark paper- 40 mark essay and data response, 20 mark multiple choice questions.

    Hoping for ABB or better as then I will be in good track for AAA in the January mocks and then A*AA next summer. I will keep you posted. I will study tomorrow and saturday and then saturday night best mates party so may be hanging on sunday ha.

    PS- If anyone is reading please feel free to leave a comment, I would be grateful for any support over the next few months
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    Update 14th/10th/2016
    Hi guys. It has been a tough week- on Monday I took my Economics internal assessment and I felt disappointed after taking it as I felt I had missed out many things on my Essay and that I hadn't evaluated it to A grade standard. The question was on free trade...

    On Tuesday- I had a usual day at school and got some private study done on Politics only as I had an assessment the next day

    Wednesday- I got my essay back in my first politics lesson( was a double) and I was very pleased I got 37/45 which meant I had gone up 3 marks since the last one and the essay was on 'Is state sovereignty now an outdated concept'. I got the highest in the class on that essay. In the second period we had our assessment- 45 marker on 'Is multipolarity the best global system' I really enjoyed this essay and I feel I have done well on it.

    On Wednesday evening I had Rugby and we lost and I suffered a minor neck injury so crashed out on Wednesday night.

    Thursday- spent time during the day preparing for economic multiple choice questions which we had later on in the day.

    Friday- I got my economics results back (disappointed) and then had a 45 mark German essay which I felt went well so I am still waiting on 2 results.

    Economics Result- B grade 43 and 1/2 out of 60. 48 was an A. Break down on results- 17/20 MCQ, 2/2 Maths q, 3/4 data response, 5 and a half/9on micro explain question (cocked it up big time it was on imperfect information but I got confused) and then 16/25 on Essay ( Was disappointed with this as I usually score much higher). Current predicted grade for Economics- B however after Class my teacher said that he felt I really could get an A with the work I am putting in and many aspects of my work was A grade but let myself down on simple things as a result of this I will redo the 9 and 25 marker this weekend and give it to him on Monday with the hope of proving some A grade work however it is only October and it was a new spec question so it was A2 so by next summer I feel an A is certainly reasonable.

    Plan for weekend:
    Solid day of revision tomorrow across all subjects (break this evening as tired)
    Solid day of revision on Sunday across all subject

    Need to DO:
    Economics 9 and 25 marker
    German Vocabulary increase
    Politics notes

    Will update in a few days.
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