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Kosice Veterinary medicine advice

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    Hi Everyone,

    Right now I'm living in america, but saw that university of kosice is offering a GVM 4 year program and wanted to apply. I have a bachelors in animal science and planning to apply, but was confused on one of their pages where it described the program
      1. a) study programmes of the first level (bachelor study programmes) – three years (6 semesters),
      2. b) study programmes of the second level (master study programmes following the bachelor study programmes) – two years (4 semesters),
      3. c) combined first and second level study programmes (doctoral study programmes) – six years
      1. (12 semesters),
        d) combined first and second level study programme (master study programme) – five years
        (10 semesters),
        e) study programmes of the third level (postgraduate study programmes), full- time form four years; the external form five years.
      2. The graduates of the bachelor study programmes of university studies are awarded the academic degree “bachelor” (“Bc.”); the graduates of the master study programme of thecombined first and second level are awarded the academic degree “magister” (“Mgr.”);the graduates of the doctoral study of the combined first and second level are awardedacademic degree “doctor of veterinary medicine” („DVM“); the graduates of thepostgraduate study programme of the third level are awarded the academic degree“doctor” („philosophiae doctor”, abbrev. “PhD.“).

    so does this mean even with a bachelor's degree that I would have to acquire another bachelors from the university and then continue my education even further to obtain a DVM or is it with my bachelors I have now that I can be directly placed into the 4 year DVM program right off the bat? I'm also curious how visas work for students that are not slovak citizens and finally if someone could give maybe a brief schedule of how classes are and attendance policies, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for the help!

    That information is about the Joint Study Programme for Norwegian Students; they do 6 years but get a Bachelors in Animal Science after 3 years and they start their course in Norway.

    If you already have an Animal Science Bachelors you'll be applying for the 4 year General Veterinary Medicine.
    I'm not sure how visa's work for American students, sorry.

    Most of our lectures are optional and all practicals are compulsory. We can miss one practical but any more have to be compensated.
    There are a few threads on here if you want to read those. Any questions give me a shout
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Updated: September 10, 2016
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