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sexually attracted to... Best Friend

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    HELP! I have been friends with this girl (I'm male) for well over 13 years, i'm 15, so a very long time for a lad my age haha.

    A year ago we went on holiday together with our families and we were both in a hot tub alone, we grabbed each other trying to do spins in the shallow water and afterwards she brushed her hand over my penis, I got an instant boner, and she noticed but did nothing or said nothing. That was the first time I thought of her a sexual way.

    We talk a lot, even share cars to school, and in the past few days I have been seriously been becoming more attracted to her. I know everything about her, even turn on spots, so in the car I got one and she smiled but left it at that.

    Anyway, I like her but don't wanna ruin friendship by having a bad relationship, when talking to her via messenger she says in a game of truth she would experiment with a lad, like make out and more with him and then be willing to leave it at that and carry on as normal.

    I don't know what to do, try experiment with her? ask her out? or leave it? HELP?

    Approach her in an understanding way. See if she see's you like that in any way and if she doesn't, try your hardest to move on. But DON'T be awkward after if she does reject you. Good luck bro!

    Get a girlfriend that isn't her first for some practice
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Updated: September 8, 2016
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