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Do student finance make mistakes with Maintainence loans amount?

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    Hello, im in a bit of a pickle can you help me out?
    Do mistakes ever get made in student finance amounts? And secondly can they change the amount or do you have to restart the whole application again?

    I'm going to be a first year Full time undegraduate living away from home at Uni accomodation. Just a couple hours ago I learnt my maintainence is going to be: £3,800 for the year.

    Our household income is less than £20,000. When using calculator it's says I should get over £8,000. I'm going to ring them first thing tomorow but I'm panicking a little because I can't afford to go otherwise.
    Accomodation is £4,850, I'm yet to get any books, new laptop etc and I can't afford to pay for it without the full amount.

    Thanks for any info regarding this.

    They can change the amount without you doing a new application. Did you send in your parents income details?
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    (Original post by Tiger Rag)
    They can change the amount without you doing a new application. Did you send in your parents income details?
    Yes they have all info. We are working/lower class and not sure why they've given such a low amount.

    Hi there.

    This sounds like a non-income based maintenance loan.

    If your parent's have submitted their information late your application may be awaiting a reassessment.

    If they've submitted this some time ago I'd recommend calling us on 0300 100 0607 to check if there's any issues with the information.

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Updated: September 13, 2016
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