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Struggling with a beginning to my PS...

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    I am seriously struggling with how to begin my PS for University.

    I am applying for BA (Hons) in Education Studies.

    If anyone has any good ideas I'd really appreciate the help 😄

    Thank you

    Have you tried our PS builder tool (see below)? TSR has some good resources about PSs. Generally you want to talk about why you want to do the course, your skills and experience and career plans.

    (Original post by alleycat393)
    Have you tried our PS builder tool (see below)?
    I tried using the PS builder tool myself but I gave up when it asked for UMS, which I don't have.

    wat do

    (Original post by Abstract_Prism)
    I tried using the PS builder tool myself but I gave up when it asked for UMS, which I don't have.

    wat do
    You don't have to fill in any of the boxes - they aren't compulsory

    Have you written anything else? It's usually easier to go back to the start later and you'll feel better when you've made some progress.

    I think most PS openings are bad or cliche. Often a good start is honesty: why are you drawn to your subject? While "I have always been interested in studying [subject] because [reasons]" is a formulaic structure your reason could be interesting and unique which is what they actually care about. You can also rewrite the formulaic bit later once you're finished, you just want something down you can work with later.
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Updated: September 11, 2016
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