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High salary and honest people, is it possible?

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Would YOU be put off a uni with a high crime rate? First 50 to have their say get a £5 Amazon voucher! 27-10-2016
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    (Original post by TrojanH)

    ive just realised

    your a freak

    1) who ****ing cares if they leave the office or not. like why do you give such a huge pile of **** about what sort of faces they make at you? i cant believe ive just read that from a working man

    2) maybe you send the wrong tone, maybe they assume its romantic, perhaps they're more comfortable in larger groups as less time is spent on their focus, who ****ing knows man and more importantly who cares, the fact they are willing to go out with you in groups is more than enough to outright show they likely don't hate you the same way you think they do

    3) if people aren't taking you seriously you can either take yourself more seriously or meet different people

    4) dont be so PC, some people just aren't witty enough for clever jokes and try their best to make you smile with stupid ****. appreciate what they do for you.

    5) steotyping is bad. its sheep mentality. why dont you just break their stereotypes for them and literally broaden their mind set?

    6) tbf they can flaunt what they want. it says i worked hard to get where i am today and this is proof of that. people ask for respect in many different ways and thats one of them.

    i cant be bothered responding to each of your points because its so stupid man. you're what, 22? 23? i honestly couldn't tell you weren't a 12 year old describing how they didnt like their first week of school.
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    (Original post by biglad2k16)
    I'd probably stay away from banking if I were you. Why not medicine? It's hard but it's pretty much the only job I've shard of which has both the things you asked for.
    Yes, medicine sounds nice.
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    (Original post by Joinedup)
    Might have been unlucky in your placement - sales can be full of spouters, engineers are usually pretty honest though. if you don't like being in the office maybe some sort of field service job unrelated to sales would be better (and bring a company car)

    largely sounds like you're being a bit unrealistic though, maybe get a hobby to make you happy.
    Engineers are the only people I have worked with and I find them horrible and dishonest.
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    (Original post by #ChaosKass)
    And what, exactly, is wrong with being proud of your salary? These people have worked their backsides off to earn the high wages they do, let them flaunt it all they like for all I care.

    Same with being Conservative - if you're earning a large amount of money, why would you want the government to steal a significant proportion of it and spend it on nonsense such as welfare payments and foreign aid? Right-wing parties and Trump are the way to go, if you care about your money.
    Oh ok, you're going on the ignore list.
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Updated: September 10, 2016
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