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Good laptops for a Graphic Design student for less than £500

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    Hello, Im going into uni this month and i am in major need of a laptop. I already own a PC but its really terrible, it crashes, it sometimes randomly freezes and makes this weird noise and ive legit lost of much work from college because of it. Im actually worried to use it and its not portable which is what i want.
    Can anybody reccomend ones preferably over 15" (17 would be great) pls dont say macbook bcos obviously i cant afford that

    I'm feeling far too lazy to write long winded paragraphs so I'll cut to the main points.

    You won't get great performance for under £500. Not for Graphic Design (where I assume you're using Photoshop, Illustrator, etc).

    Ideally you want a quad core processor, at which point your only real options are i7 in a laptop. Which is good because of high performance but not so good because they're more expensive.

    Likewise 8GB of RAM is a minimum, 16GB is ideal. Finding machines under £500 with 16GB is pretty much unheard of though.

    You don't want a 17" laptop. The ideal of a laptop is portability. 17" laptops (which is often where a lot of gaming machines fall) are often expensive and heavy. You'll get the specs you need but you'll lose a lot of the stuff that make laptops worthwhile over desktops. Stick to 15" displays.

    If you want a bigger display get an external monitor and use that instead.

    If you don't need portability get a desktop. It's cheaper.

    While it is your computers fault for losing work, it's also your fault. BACK UP YOUR DATA! Too many people fail to do this and complain when they spill coffee on their laptop, it gets dropped, stolen, etc. Save a copy online, in a cloud system, on external media, anything. Just don't rely on a single copy. Because at that point you can't blame the laptop.

    EDIT: Had a quick look for 17 inch devices, these are the only 2 within your budget:

    Neither would be recommended for graphics. The AMD is at least a quad core with a graphics card but not amazing. The Intel is only an i3. Both at least have 8GB of RAM but this isn't ideal. They'd suffice but they're not really good products.
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Updated: September 10, 2016
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