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farting like an ape

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    They say the average person lets rip 15 times a day. On my new bulking diet am letting off 15 times every hour. hahah seriously and they are thunder farts. These things sound like bombs going off and nerve gas being released.

    its seriously disrupting my life!! i let off a huge clap anti-perfume fart on the bus the other day (it was mobbed) and almost everyone on the place had a heart attack. Old man down at the front getting out his inhaler etc.

    its got that bad my parents have threatened to put me out and call me a stinking face retard. HAHAHA like i have personal responsibility for the reakyness of them.

    also when i go for a ****, damn the smell wd knock everyone else in the toilet at that time out. public toilets are bad, cause it smells like i've seriously pat my shants so bad that i aint changed them in 8 years.

    What the hell...? :facepalm2:

    I like to make a big thing of it to my little brother (me 16, him 10) I would get his attention, run and jump and fart at the same time to make it look like my fart was propelling me in the air! I'm a little more mature now and don't do it anymore.

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Updated: September 9, 2016
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