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Live in Halls for first year then commute second and third

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    I'm going to be living in halls for first year as my family felt i could be more social as first year is the most social year and to gain some life skills. However i have been given the full maintance loan and as the rules regarding repaying it have changed, I really do not want to be burdened with the full loan in second or third year. I live a 40 minute train ride away so it is an okay distance for commuting plua id be able to work on the train. Therefore my family have agreed it is best for me to live in halls and get the experience but then commute from second year. Has anyone else done this??


    I hope you have a great time in first year!

    I would say not to do it, your reasoning is perfectly logical but its about those resources you will need at uni...yes you have the internet and can buy books but will really need to be in the university environment. When it comes down to it those 40 minute commutes may sound alright but that is a lot of time gone. Can't predict when your train will be cancelled...I don't even want to imagine the stress of that for you! Plus rail fares are ridiculously expensive even with a railcard.

    Doing work on the train...it's just not ideal..sounds easy but me doing work and visiting home I could. It might be different for you. You can't even guarantee you will be having a seat to even work but that is just an additional reason why its not practical. This is a lot different if you go to uni in London as accommodation is Ridiculous then yes but outside the M25 no!

    I know you would hate to feel burdened with a loan but SF will not be like loan sharks and threatening you, they are aware when you reach a certain income...you will pay it back and that takes YEARS. Live close to uni not only for the continued experience but you can access the campus easily!

    Hope that helps! sorry if its jumbled

    Hiya It's definitely doable to commute. There are so many people in my year who commute to uni everyday with a commute time of around 1 hour. With your 40 minutes train journey, is that the only transport you will need to get to uni? I guess it'll be more tedious if you have to, say, take a bus from your home to the train station. It's definitely cheaper to live at home, and you also get the benefit of all that emotional support from your family to get you through exams. All you need to do is to be super organised with your schedule and have good time management skills. It can get really tiring when you come home from uni after a long commute time so factor that into account. My tip is to wake up early and get to uni early for two reasons: you can avoid the rush hour panic and get a seat, also, you can get some work done in the morning before lectures start. But for now, I hope you have a great time in halls!

    The point of going to live away from home when at Uni, is to stand on your own 2 feet. If you return home after the first year you risk reverting to childhood and letting your family have the responsibility of providing you with food, accommodation , bills etc. This is not advantageous to you in the long run.

    One of the big advantages of living away from home , is the opportunity it gives you to meet people you normally wouldn't come across in your home situation. You have to solve your own problems, adapt to other people etc. - best of all you have the crucial opportunity of taking part in clubs, societies at Uni which will stretch you and allow you to broaden your life experience. You will have the opportunity of serving on a committee, chairing a meeting, arranging schedules, hearing world class speakers, running a newspaper etc - things which may help you career wise and be experiences it will be much more difficult to get later.

    Paradoxically those people who most wish to stay at home , are the very people who most need to get away.
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Updated: September 9, 2016
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