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West Midlands Police Considers Allowing The Burka

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    (Original post by ivybridge)
    Self-hating gay? Lmfao, literally **** yourself you utter ****.
    What's your stance on gay marriage?

    (Original post by QE2)
    Phwoarr! Look at those hands! Mmmm...
    Wrist cleavage.


    (Original post by Iridocyclitis)
    What's your stance on gay marriage?

    (Original post by Fullofsurprises)
    Whoa. Just ask yourselves this. When you are arrested, do you really need to see the face of the person arresting you? It's just not essential.

    identification is an essential aspect of the relationship between the police and the community they serve.

    Only on rare occasions are police allowed to cover their faces.

    There are other issues but you make lite of something some of use find quite important.

    It is a bit of a cliched analogy, nowadays, but like all cliches, based on truth.

    This steady push push push of Islamism, extending the boundaries a little further all the time, with the politically correct desperate to concede more and more ground terrified of being Islamophobic, but above all desperate to stop the terrorism. Because that is at the root of it, is it not? Unless we give them all that they want they might kill us.

    If someone had raised this idea even five years ago it would have been met with gales of laughter. Now it evinces no surprise at all, in fact we all know this will come to pass. If not now, soon.

    The analogy I mentioned at the start? That of the frog in boiling water on a stove. It gets used to the water as it gets warmer and warmer and never jumps. Until it is too late.

    Way to encourage domestic extremism Seriously, wtf!?
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Updated: September 12, 2016
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