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21y/o female seeks female housemate in Birmingham!

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    Heyy, so i'm advertising on behalf of my best friend who is looking for another girl to live with her after she was let down! Her name is Shauna, she's 21 years old and looking for another female to house share with, the house is located in a lovely, safe area of Great Barr. She's a bubbly person who is looking for someone similar to herself, she's a really friendly person and very tidy. She's about to start her 3rd year at University College Birmingham.Rent and house info:The rent per month is £282pp, with an additional £78 for bills per month; a total of £360pcm per person.The house has a pretty frontage with enough space to park two cars off road. The street is predominantly families which feels very safe! I don't unfortunately have a picture of the garden, but it's lovely! There is wooden decking and a grassy area. The inside of the house feels very homely and modern, with an open plan kitchen and living room.If you could provide at least two references then that would be great If you are interested at all, please don't hesitate to pm me!I have a few pictures, but i dont have one of the bedroom unfortunately! but it's nice sized double room

    P.S. Shauna is moving in on the 17th, if you would like a skype tour then that wouldn't be a problem.Thank you!Laura x
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