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Maths exams in 2017

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    So I've just gone into year 11😳
    I have always struggled with maths but recently I've been finding it a lot better, I'm predicted a C at GCSE next year but I hope to achieve a B to go into college and do biology and chemistry and positive English language!
    I would love if anyone could give me some ideas or tips on how best to revise for maths and if I should start now by just doing some light stuff?
    I'm not sure but I wanna do everything I can )
    Thankyou !!

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    I too am sitting the new Maths GCSE (Year 11) and what I think you should know is that these exams are more based around problem solving questions in general. So my best advice is to definitely be perfect with fluency questions in maths and then try to apply your fluency skills to some problem solving questions. You can find many of these type of questions with the new CGP revision booklets (I recommend getting the exam practice workbooks they're perfect). Also try to learn other topics ahead of your classes to get a head start so your maths lessons are more like revision to you. lastly, the one thing I do is go to my maths teacher after school to really try some in-depth problem solving questions that help me understand maths more in depth. Now I'm not saying to exactly do the same thing with your teacher but my point is that you should definitely try to build up your relationship with your maths teacher so not only will you understand their teaching of maths more but also feel comfortable to ask for help at anytime!
    Hope this helps xx
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    I am definitely going to take all of that on board! The books sound brilliant I'm going to purchase them too, Thankyou very much! Hope your revision all goes well along with all of year 11!
    Thankyou xx

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    Hi, I am in year 9! I will be choosing my subjects... Pleaseee help
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Updated: September 18, 2016
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