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Is writing fanfiction good practise?

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    I went to a university creative writing worshop today, and obviously all of us who attended (there were only two!) are avid writers. The professor asked us what kind of things we like to write, how often we write etc.
    and I was too afraid to admit that I spend a lot of my time planning and writing fanfiction.
    Instead I told him I just wrote little bits and pieces here and there, knowing some day I would like to put them in a book somehow.
    I would like to know opinions on if you think writing fanfiction is good practise for someone hoping to get on a creative writing course? And should I tell the professor that is my most common area of practise? Should I perhaps start some more of my original work, too? (I do have a little, but I dedicate most of my time to fanfics)

    I heard that Cassandra Clare, best-selling author of The Mortal Instruments series along with many others, started off writing a very popular Harry Potter fanfiction. She was so successful with her own original series that not only did they make a movie out of it, she has her own Netflix show.

    So yes, I'd say fanfiction is an excellent way of practicing your writing skills. Especially since it is very difficult to write to your full extent when you have no original ideas - I'm talking about the plot, the characters, their personalities and various settings. It takes time and effort to conjure up an orginal peice, therefore suggesting that perhaps going off of an already existing plot and set of characters may help you use your writing tools without the pressure of finding something to write about.

    There are also writing cues you can look up online, where they give you a plot, characters and maybe the first paragraph, allowing you to take the story on a different journey and practice writing about various different topics and perspectives, giving characters and plots your own twists while relying only on the foundation someone else has provided for you

    I wish you the best of luck!
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Updated: September 10, 2016
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