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How do you study?

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    Brilliant topic for a Saturday lol but was just wondering how do you study? How do you recall facts, do you just read or write things down? Also do you listen to music when learning?

    I'd like to be one of these who gets top marks but I find that even with lots of work I'm just average. I thought maybe I'm doing things wrong.

    Saaame dude

    Don't listen to music, and study alone with nobody distracting you. Decide on your own if you wanna write notes down, I don't, but it can in fact help people. After going through a lesson, try to find some questions about it and answer them.

    I am an auditory learner so I find speaking my notes aloud is the best way to memorise them. After this I usually begin past papers where I am able to test myself. This allows me to spot my weakest topics so I can improve.

    I don't.

    Note that revision styles will differ for each subject; the below method works best for science and maths style subjects with standardized answers.I have found difficulty applying this strategy to my Business AS level.

    Download the specification for your course and buy the student book, now read the book and highlight the key information relevant to the mark scheme. Now write, in your own words (the most important part), everything you highlighted. The more you change it around the better you will remember it (I feel anyway) - try to change the order of the information in the book to suit you (but only if it makes sense to do so!).

    Then write questions and answers to the notes you have made on note cards. When you come to revisit your notes during exams, read the notes of a unit, then go through the note cards until you get every single one right and move on to the next unit. Hope I helped.

    if your doing essay based subjects then


    I cannot recommend this book enough it teaches you how to get through studying in literally a fraction of the time. it wont be that useful for maths or science subjects, well possibly a bit of help with science but cant see it working for maths.

    as for memorizing facts a good technique is to link the facts to things. find some way of connecting the facts to your family your gf/bf your dog that really weird guy who is always at the bus stop or whatever works. so long as you form that link you are much more likely to remember it.

    quick edit this should be obvious but don't use that book as a way of putting in significantly less hours, It is possible you could do that, but it is taking risks and it is better to use the techniques to allow you to get much more done in the same amount of study time.
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Updated: September 11, 2016
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