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Oxbridge interview weight bias?

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    (Original post by venividicenavi)
    We actually did it last week and I almost got to Level 6. My coach said that I need to improve it though and lose a bit of weight but then he encouraged me to pile my plate high at the buffet after the game when I didn't even play anyway.
    Your trolling.

    6 is no offence, terrible. It proves your body is struggling with aerobic exercise.

    You'll be fine. It's your brains they care about not your physique! A recent study showed employers pay very little attention to weight in males but greatly in females, you're safe.
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    (Original post by whydoidothis?)
    Your trolling.

    6 is no offence, terrible. It proves your body is struggling with aerobic exercise.
    He actually did he was like "Aren't you gonna have chips with that?" after I put hot dogs on my plate

    I'm with the 'it might make a difference' crowd. Tutors won't consciously care but subconsciously... maybe.

    (Original post by venividicenavi)
    That's good. Yeah I know but I'm fairly active but I like to eat a lot. At this point my weight isn't really affecting my health because I play rugby fairly frequently, so there's little incentive to lose weight, given that I enjoy eating a lot and losing weight would be difficult.
    (Original post by venividicenavi)
    I guess I could probably end up properly obese if I kept eating how I do, but rugby and exercise in general can actually be painful especially since I had a knee operation a couple of years ago. I think I'm gonna work on trying to eat more healthily or less
    You can't be serious when you write these posts right? Right?

    In case you are:
    1) You ARE "properly obese" already.
    2) You're planning to gain 2.5lbs per month and don't seem to have a problem with that? Holy ****.
    3) You know why exercise is painful on your knees? BECAUSE YOU WEIGH TOO MUCH
    4)"[Its ok] because I play rugby fairly frequently"... which you are planning to stop.
    5) "Its not affecting my health"... except for the slow deposition of fat into your arteries. Except the slow wearing out of your pancreas meaning you'll probably have diabetes by the time you're 25. Except from the various cancer risks associated with being obese. Except the knee problems you already have. Except the fact that if you needed an operation tomorrow your anaesthetic risk would be higher and the surgery more difficult as they'd have to chop through lots of fat to get where they need and the complication rates higher. And that's just the surface.

    I hope you do get into a good uni as it will hopefully give you the chance to turn your life around you desperately need: There are far fewer fat people at uni, which would hopefully be a wake up call for you, you will be away from the bad influence of your family, and you will gain more independence and probably start trying to attract a partner, which is going to be a lot easier if you lose weight.

    And in the meantime, please don't stop the rugby - exercise is good for concentration and improves exam performance.
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