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Do nose piercings hurt really bad?

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    I have had my navel pierced before, and it hurt obviously whilst the needle had gone through, and hurt for about 2 days then now I can't feel it at all, is a nose piercing the same as that? so hurts whilst it goes through, and hurts for a couple of days and goes away? I'm just worried about getting it pierced because I guess a nose is alot thicker than a navel because my stomach is pretty slim i guess, not trying to be big-headed, but anyway thankyou for your help x

    Okay, it's been two days so sorry this is a late reply, but I'd like to answer this! I have my nostril and septum pierced and my lobes, nothing else yet (unfortunately). My septum piercing was very painful, but I found my nose piercing wasn't bad at all. It was a little more painful than my ear lobes, but not that bad. I was pierced with a hoop, and the hoop has a ball on it, and when I rotated it to move the ball inside my nostril, it would be very sore, but the pain passed quickly, and it's healed and is fine - didn't take too long to heal at all.

    Pain is different for everybody, as some people say that septum piercings hurt less than lobes, but in my personal experience, my nose piercing was very easy and not bad at all.

    Nose piercings are done with a needle, right? How big is the needle? I've been thinking of getting my nose pierced for a while now, and I don't want to chicken out at the last minute because the needle is massive!

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    (Original post by Crankyla)
    Nose piercings are done with a needle, right? How big is the needle? I've been thinking of getting my nose pierced for a while now, and I don't want to chicken out at the last minute because the needle is massive!
    Oops, late reply, but honestly I have no idea. I kept my eyes shut and looked away, which is what I've done for all my piercings, otherwise I would probably chicken out (almost did for my nose piercing, glad I went through because it was so easy!). Just don't look at it - the piercer will probably tell you to look at something so you don't see the needle.

    I had my septum done 4 years ago and it hurt like a *****, but that was mainly because she couldn't get the needle through properly and had to do it over again, apart from that it was still painful, which is why I didn't get it done again when it closed up after I took it out for one day a few months later.
    I also got my nostril done for my 18th last January and it stung whilst the needle went through but it wasn't too bad, definitely nowhere near as bad as my septum. It really isn't that painful but depends on your pain tolerance of course m, and afterwards it doesn't hurt at all, you do have to clean it lots and it does get stuck a little whilst it's healing but apart from that the pain is over as soon as they put the ring/stud in :-) out of all the piercing I have gotten done, my tongue hurt the least whilst I got it done, but it was awful for a week after that- couldn't eat or drink or anything. :P
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Updated: September 17, 2016
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