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Questions about visas- RCVS exam

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm a vet from Bosnia and Herzegovina who would like to come in UK to take RCVS exam and hopefully get a vet job.

    Since I am not EU citizen and my faculty is not RCVS approved I am aware that I would have to sit and pass RCVS exam.

    My questions are all about visas for UK. I already visited gov.uk website to see what type of visa would be most appropriate for my case. I could not find any that suits my needs.

    - I cannot apply for Tier 2 visa because I am not highly qualified in UK. That means I cannot search for a job as a vet.

    - Tier 4 visa is also not for my case because it requires CAS number which I cannot have because I would be on some kind on EMS in UK with veterinary practices not vet schools (so I wouldn't be university student)

    - Tier 5 visa is for some other countries (not for mine) and for young people below 30 yrs (I am little older than that..).

    - I am not permitted to work anything (even voluntarily) on standard visitor visa and that would be essential because I would have to support myself while preparing for exam.

    - I don't have relatives there so I can't ask for a family visa.

    I cannot even plan to move in UK without this big issue solved...

    I would really appreciate any help with this matter.


    That sounds like a tricky situation. May I suggest that you post this in the international study forum? I know it's specific to vet med, and the international section is primarily for UK students planning on studying elsewhere, but this section doesn't get a huge amount of traffic and someone in the international section might know a bit more about Visas.

    Failing that, is there perhaps any chance that you could study for the exam where you currently live, visit the UK for a short time to sit it, then apply for another visa once you're qualified to be a vet in the UK? To be honest I would strongly recommend getting in touch with immigration services directly, as this is a very specific situation and they'll be able to give you a more helpful answer.
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    Thank you very much for your answer. I will certainly copy/paste this subject on international study subforum.

    The reason why I posted this here is because I heard about vets from other non-EU countries who sat and pass RCVS exam while working some other jobs in UK etc. working as ANA's or VCA's or something else and they could have some practice before entering exam. I was hoping that I would here meet at least one of them because I don't know did they have same problem...

    I was in UK this April, visiting some vet practices and all the colegues told me that I should have at least 1.5-2 years of practice in UK practices (because currently I'm not working as a vet)to sit RCVS exam. Vet practices here, in Bosnia are much more different...so I could maybe learn for the written part of exam in Bosnia but the practical component seems much more important and I should do that part in UK. All the vets I met there were very helpful and told me that I could come at their practices to do an EMS and prepare for exam but they told me I should get visa by my own. Nobody can help me with that matter because it really seems impossible to deal with it...

    I really liked UK and vet practices there but I really hit the wall with this matter...

    Thank you once again, your answer was very helpful...

    There was a post a while ago (http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show....php?t=1463200) about people taking the RCVS exam. It was more about studying for it than the logistics of visas, but there might be something for you there? I think most of the people on there are fairly inactive users of the site but if you find anyone that still posts regularly it may be worth dropping a PM.

    Perhaps it's worth speaking again to the practices you're already in contact with to ask them if they knew how anybody had gone through the process of arranging visas previously. The RCVS may also be able to offer guidance if you contact them directly. Honestly though I think your best bet will be to contact the Department for Visas and Immigration as they'll be the ones who can give you a straight(er) answer.

    I'd love to be able to help you more but since this forum is mainly used by vet students and people applying to vet school I'm afraid it will be unlikely that anyone can offer any solid advice/personal experiences. Best of luck with it all
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    I think I've already seen every website about that exam on internet and I couldn't find anything really helpful when it comes to visas. RCVS recomends overseas vets to visit that gov.uk website but I wanted to write them an email anyway asking for my specific case. They told me that I should contact Departments for Visas and Immigration and I did that. After two emails who were answered automaticaly they replied that they don't cope with personal cases. It was really dissapointing for me...

    None of 8 practices I visited never had non-UK students on EMS so my question couldn't be answered. As I told before, they were all great towards me and I would be really thrilled to see them again.

    I guess I am really stuck but I won't quit this...

    Once again, thank you Little Tail Chaser for being so nice and understanding. I know that some people would like to help, they just don't know how. I really appreciate your spent time.


    As far as I was aware you can come to the UK and you can apply for a N.I number easily which allows you to work in the UK, that's what one of our vets from New Zealand did.

    I could be wrong however and know nothing lol, it's not my area of expertise but that's my experience of it with a vet from a different country

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Updated: September 12, 2016
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