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How do you say Scone?

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    Rhyme with cone
    Rhyme with con


    (Original post by WoodyMKC)
    English is a stupid language tbh :lol: Yeah it's just the way you learned I guess. Though, you could argue, that the Queen pronounces it "sc-on" and proper English is often called the "Queen's English" so
    It's very simple tho - no grammatical genders etc. so it's easy to learn... at least it was for 10 year old me :lol:
    lmao that's a bit of a stretch dontcha think but sure xD

    (Original post by z33)
    cos the only difference between scone and cone is an 's' slapped on the front of it - why does that change the pronunciation of the ending part :hmmmm:
    For the same reason these pairs of words aren't pronounced to rhyme: ear, bear; dive, gerundive; hone, shone; eight, height; ache, moustache.

    In the plough was through the rough, though wrought without a hiccough, the ough combination takes on six different sounds.

    (Original post by ImNotReallyMe)
    I'm less posh so I rhyme it with gone lol

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    (Original post by RCLeahcar)
    You don't say ice cream con, and you don't say stepping ston. Gone is pronounced as 'gon' but that word has no class (it's all gone). But a scone is full of it...get it right, guys.
    P.S. I'm from a working class family. Nobody I know in my area calls it a scon.

    According to a study by Cambridge, though, it might be a regional thing. Rhyming "scone" with "gone" is apparently mostly done in Northern England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland (my area of Britain is bright blue!)
    That is what I call research

    (Original post by nulli tertius)
    How are they pronounced in this coffee shop?

    Scones in Scone! I wonder if there is a quarry in Stone (Staffordshire).
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Updated: September 16, 2016
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