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Would you support a coup against the current government?

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    No but if you do please film yourself in the process, it will make good viewing on You've Been Framed when you try to take on the British armed forces, police force and probably a sizeable chunk of the civilian population by yourself.

    (Original post by JamesN88)

    Although it pains me to admit it being a Labour supporter.
    It pains me too, as a Conservative supporter. I'm essentially watching the Conservative government jettison its liberal, evidence-based policies in a heartbeat and appoint some right rogues into ministerial office. How does it get away with this? A complete lack of any visible opposition. Who's filling the void? Scumbags who'd run this country into the ground like UKIP and the Scots Nationalists.

    I'd assumed power would transition between Cameron and someone like Osborne, or a relatively fresh face from the 2010 intake. That the party would carry on much as before. What we're unfortunately getting is the nationalistic right in the ascendant in a way I've never seen in my adult life. Frankly I don't much like any of it.

    No, that'd undermine the democratic process.

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