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iPhone switches off at around 25% battery!

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    Any ideas why?

    Edit: I can't afford a new phone.

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    Mine does this too. When it does all I do is charge it up to 100% without touching it. I then use it as normal, until it dies at around 20 - 30%, then I put it back on charge and don't touch it agin, so it gets to 100%, then I let it die again (normally at around 10% after i've done it the first time) and i keep repeating letting it charge up and not touch it, then die and then put it back on charge until it dies at 0%

    My Apple iPhone 4S did this back when I was still irradiating myself with 3G/WiFi etc. With all radiating services off it tends to perform normally (these place a high demand for energy on the battery, pumping out toxic radiation, so no wonder they drain them/cause issues [including heating of handsets])

    (Original post by davidguettafan)
    Any ideas why?
    (Original post by Goaded)
    dies at around 20 - 30%
    What type of phone do you guys have? Full-cycle charging is definitely the way forward more generally (issues like mine are somewhat anomalous), albeit that I understand you're not actually supposed to fully charge/discharge lithium batteries :holmes:

    (Original post by davidguettafan)
    Any ideas why?

    Edit: I can't afford a new phone.
    How old is it and what model? If you're a heavy user then it could be a faulty battery where the calibration is off (capacity has reduced but the phone software hasn't caught up)


    Try the info in here and see how you go
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Updated: September 12, 2016
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