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Question about UK visa

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm a vet from Bosnia and Herzegovina who would like to come in UK to take RCVS exam and hopefully get a vet job.

    Since I am not EU citizen and my faculty is not RCVS approved I am aware that I would have to sit and pass RCVS exam.

    My questions are all about visas for UK. I already visited gov.uk website to see what type of visa would be most appropriate for my case. I could not find any that suits my needs.

    - I cannot apply for Tier 2 visa because I am not highly qualified in UK. That means I cannot search for a job as a vet.

    - Tier 4 visa is also not for my case because it requires CAS number which I cannot have because I would be on some kind on EMS in UK with veterinary practices not vet schools (so I wouldn't be university student)

    - Tier 5 visa is for some other countries (not for mine) and for young people below 30 yrs (I am little older than that..).

    - I am not permitted to work anything (even voluntarily) on standard visitor visa and that would be essential because I would have to support myself while preparing for exam.

    - I don't have relatives there so I can't ask for a family visa.

    I cannot even plan to move in UK without this big issue solved...

    I would really appreciate any help with this matter.


    It doesn't sound like you're eligible to work in the UK. Contact the organisation through which you will do the exam and see if you can get a student visa just to come and do the exam. You'll have to return home after the exam to await your results but may be able to look for jobs while you're here doing the exam. If you pass the exam you then have the difficult task of looking for a job in the UK while you're abroad. Please be warned that this is a very difficult if not impossible task unless your field is in the shortage category. Your employer will then sponsor a work permit.
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    Thank you very much for your answer.

    I thought that this would be "mission impossible" for me and that is the reason why I came on this forum to find some useful answers. You were a really helpful with these information and yes-everything would be much easier if vet surgeons are on shortage list of occupation in UK...

    I can't get any kind of student visa from vet practices I was thinking to visit and do an EMS with them because my future sponsor should be on government's list of sponsors for Tier 4 visa. I checked that list and there are only universities and schools on it so none of practices is eligible to sent CAS number (which is essential for that type of visa).

    I didn't even start with preparation for exam and I am still in my country, because I knew it will be extremely difficult to get right type of visa so this was more idea and my plan. I would like to sit and pass that exam so I could start searching for the job in UK because I really liked life and everything there. It is more then obvious my plans are not going to work and I am really sorry for that.

    Thank you very much once again.

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Updated: September 12, 2016
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