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Starting Physics AS level this week - Have you got a plan?

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    I was looking to see and gain a little data on how many people will be using and (religiously) staying consistent with a study plan for all the subjects.

    Our head of sixth form said we should spend 1 hour; per day; per subject.

    Works out for me, 15 hours extra p/w. (Note, this is a lot considering I also work evenings)

    I'm going to post in Physics and Maths too, for more data.

    Post your plans please

    Work hard. Do whatever work is necessary to master each topic as it arises including if it exceeds your hourly average plan by a very considerable margin. Don't give up until you have grasped it - even if it means increasing your workload at certain times to accomplish.

    Don't leave answering exam style questions until you get to revision. Do them as you learn the topic and get used to them from the outset.

    Failing to grasp a topic at the earliest opportunity will only build a bow-wave of work. Which will make your final run up to exam tasks almost impossible. Because, by then, it's all been left too late and you will end up trying to learn the harder stuff when it should only be revision and timed exam practice.

    During AS I never actually followed the 1 hour per day per subject rule - instead, I just put in as much time as needed to understand it and write down some clear notes. Most of the time this would be 10-20 minutes, but sometimes hours.

    Do as much work as you need to as uberteknik says, but don't overdo it. I can't stress this enough! Spend time relaxing and destressing or you'll find it much harder to grasp things. I can really vouch for this: a lot of people I know stressed themselves for hours on end, whereas I still pulled out 4 A's by just spending a healthy amount of time relaxing and reflecting.

    Many people don't realise the impact of a good mental state on your grades. Plan as much as you need to feel organised, and stop there. If you micromanage yourself too much, you end up over-complicating simple problems.

    Hope this helps!
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Updated: September 13, 2016
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