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Who's shaved their pubic hair? P.S.H.E [Q]

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    I haven't recently, but in the past, I shaved it directly without trimming it first.
    It burnt like hell. Don't make the same error as I did! LOL.

    I understand that this isn't the prettiest topic in the world but I'd like to recommend that people trim, not shave. There's no need to shave and you'll get incredibly painful irritation days after. As long as you don't have a bush and you manage your hair, you'll be alright. It's understandable for people to have a bit of hair but no one wants to see stubble or a massive bush down there. Moderation is key.

    If you decide to dismiss Terrobility's amazing advice, please do your research before shaving down there. If not done right, you will be in pain for ~2 weeks. Pain and stubble combined with clothes pressing down on your areas does not feel nice at all. Sorry for being crude but a warning needs to be put out there before people try it because they saw someone talking about it on TSR.

    You should be very cautious. This story should be a lesson for all of us:

    I shave without trimming. At first it did get itchy as **** and I nearly died the first couple of times but now my skin is used to it and I dont really mind it anymore. You better NOT shave against the direction of hair growth and shave with a good quality razor (not the ones in poundland) that is not old and the blades arent dull.

    I'll agree that trimming is a lot easier than shaving,

    (Original post by Terrobility)
    no one wants to see stubble or a massive bush down there.
    .. and that stubble is a pain (literally!) but the majority of people couldn't care less about whether you're bare, trimmed, or bushy.

    Pick which ever makes you happy.
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Updated: September 13, 2016
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