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Smart Assessor Assessor - any experiences, re: teacher training?

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    I'm thinking of doing a level four certificate in education and training (CET). I'm a middle aged long term drifter (no point beating about the bush). I finished an OU degree in psychology in 2014 and volunteered as an esl teacher. I went on to do a celta but didn't find suitable work, but then inherited some money so I came back to full time volunteering (abroad).

    Last time I was at the careers office they suggested I do CET. They said use BBE training but the woman I was speaking to was linked to it. It's about 800.00 there. I contacted them and they said I can do it abroad where I'm currently volunteering.

    Then I found The Smart Assessor on hotcourses. It is 500.00 but they keep spamming me it's on sale at 450.00. I phoned them and was told 500.00 including discount. I can do it abroad. But I can't find any reviews of this company. They send a lot of marketing emails. There's another company called 'Big Teacher', that sells the same thing at a higher price, but has the same phone number. I'm hoping to find someone who studied with Smart Assessor who can tell me what the long term experience was like, support, how the software works etc.

    I'd like SET as it's a teaching credential and put's me above the standard CELTA for teaching English. I need the edge as, in Asia, my age and race (I'm dark-skinned) work against me. I'd also be interested getting into IELTS examination roles etc. or perhaps university work in China, and again, I need to stand out a little from the youngsers I'm competing with!

    Thanks for any heads up.
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Updated: September 12, 2016
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